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BirdNest travel is your end-to-end solution for luxury and adventure. We offer unique wildlife and nature tour packages for Uganda and Rwanda. Affiliated to BirdNest Resort Bunyonyi, the company is owned by Pablo, a belgian investor who together with his dynamic Ugandan team share a passion for facilitating seamless letter-perfect travels.


When contacted through the website, our team will call or email you back with relevant details. The interaction will help us fine tune the journey to capture your interests and expectations. An itinerary inspired by your desires will be shared via email and when satisfied, we will proceed with reservations and arrangements. A standby team will stay in touch to help with inquires and desired changes. To access our tours here. From being received at the airport to seeing you off at the end of your stay, our well experienced and trained guides will be at your service. We are also huge lovers of art and our exquisite collection features unique pieces by unconventional artists from all over East Africa!

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